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Gratitude Circle: Healing Hearts & Healing Planets

April 21 @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm EDT

We believe large-scale social change proceeds at the pace of our own self-transformation. Gratitude has two wings: self-care and social connection. Gratitude Circles create a safe space for people to practice flying with both wings. We soar when we fly in “right relationship” within, with each other, and with our planet. Gratitude is a social emotion. We all have it. Plus, it’s an accessible and cross-cultural practice. And it grows when we share it. It’s a powerful antidote to the human brain’s neurological bias to see the negative. The brain is fear-based. Gratitude changes how we notice the world and, in turn, we create a more positive relationship to the world. Meditation begins with noticing each breath. Mindfulness begins with noticing change. Gratitude begins with noticing good. Noticing is at the heart of shifting consciousness.

Gratitude Circles bring together self-care and social connection through the synchronicity of nature-inspired and artist-designed prompts. This workshop provides a safe way to explore self-awareness and shared insights in ways that only can happen through practicing gratitude in community. It’s an invitation to a new kind of bravery. Are you looking for a different kind of self-transformation and way of relating with others? In this emergent and unexpected space, we move beyond typical structures of teacher-student and expert-beginner to explore new depths of noticing and feeling gratitude. There are only three rules for a Gratitude Circle: – You are your own best inner-teacher and guide; – There is, therefore, no fixing, advising or saving of others in the circle; – Silence is a participant.

– I seek a more equitable world and appreciate inclusive spaces where diverse voices feel safe to speak and be heard.
– I am a leader and want to grow my self-awareness and compassion.
– I often take care of others and now I want to practice self-care through a practice of gratitude.
– I care about healing people and the planet and seek tangible ways to put this into practice.
– I want to awaken my senses and relationships through a healthy connection to Nature.


April 21
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm EDT


East Point Academy