The Kingian Nonviolence Network is pleased to co-sponsor a book talk on March 31, 2021, along with Partners Global Institute, Humanity United, East Point Peace Academy, and On Earth Peace. Kazu Haga, author of Healing Resistance: A Radically Different Response to Harm, is a senior Kingian Nonviolence trainer and co-founder of the East Point Peace Academy. Healing Resistance explores Haga’s philosophy and experience with Kingian Nonviolence training, social justice work, and conflict reconciliation. He will be interviewed by Maria Stephan of the Horizons Project, an author, professor, and trainer with expertise in nonviolence, democracy, and human rights. “The Horizons Project, with Partners Global Institute and Humanity United, is an effort to strengthen bridges between the social justice, peacebuilding, and democracy communities in the US – linking theory to practice while drawing on international perspectives and experiences. We are exploring what it means to challenge injustices and build an inclusive democracy in powerful, restorative, and healing ways. KNV, with its focus on building the Beloved Community through a combination of dialogue and direct action and centering restorative relationships, is a critical part of that.” –Maria Stephan Join us for a stimulating conversation on “the intersections of peacebuilding, social justice, and democracy.” Register for the event here.